How Florence Streamlined Identity Verification For 1,400 Candidates Per Month with Willo

Candidates screened per month with Willo
Recruiting team size at Florence
Candidates can complete Willo videos any time
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Principales conclusiones:

  • Florence wanted to scale up recruiting efforts for its healthcare talent marketplace but needed to keep costs down.
  • Florence chose Willo for candidate screening and identity verification because of its easy-to-use API, user-friendly platform, and fair prices.
  • With Willo, Florence screens and identity-verifies 1,400 candidates per month.

Scaling up recruitment without scaling up costs 

When Florence needed to scale its recruiting efforts, a challenge occurred: maintaining a great candidate experience without skyrocketing costs. 

Initially only UK-based, the company expanded its healthcare professional talent marketplace to multiple countries in 2022. Regardless of which country they operated from, Mikey de Mello, a Product Manager at Florence who helps build the company’s talent marketplace, said they need to accomplish two tasks: 

  1. Verify candidate identity to ensure they can legally work in the country from which they’re applying. 
  2. Complete screening interviews to filter through the thousands of applications the company gets monthly. 

Mikey said both processes were completely manual at Florence. Recruitment Advisors would schedule screening calls with candidates and identity verification was a multi-step process. 

The company needed to find a way to scale up its recruiting operations without significantly increasing costs. 

Ultimately, Florence chose Willo to power both candidate screening and identity verification. 

Why Florence chose Willo

Mikey said Florence had a few key objectives: 

  • A good candidate user experience that felt smooth and reflected Florence’s brand well.
  • Global operational support with multilingual options for candidates around the world. 
  • Fair, transparent pricing that fits into Florence’s budget and operational efficiency goals.

After looking at multiple solutions, Mikey said the team chose Willo not only because it met all their key objectives, but also because the Willo API was easy to implement.

“Willo stood out to us because their product was simple, it was effective, and the API looked good,” said Mikey.

Scaled to 1,400 candidates per month 

Mikey said Florence initially started using Willo only for candidate screening but added identity verification when their other third-party provider stopped IDV services. 

After implementing both features, Mikey said Florence is now interviewing around 1,400 candidates per month using Willo. 

He also said the impact has been felt in multiple different ways: 

  • Flexibility: Candidates can complete interviews whenever it works for them, rather than trying to fit into a Recruitment Advisor’s schedule. 
  • Time-saving: Recruitment Advisors no longer have to schedule calls (which takes time), or try reaching out to someone and have them not answer or not be available (which wastes time).  
  • Ease of use: Candidates can “complete screening in a few clicks” in Florence’s application rather than going through a lengthy manual process. 

“We can collect people’s interviews and identities at any time of the day,” said Mikey. “It wasn’t bound to our operations’ team working hours.” 

Next steps for Florence

Now that Willo is up and running, Mikey said Florence is focused on building an even smoother candidate experience. The goal is to ensure that every healthcare professional who applies to Florence experiences a great interview process, whether they’re accepted onto the platform or not. 

“We’re going to redesign the experience that the user has,” said Mikey. “I’ve had a lot of conversations with the team at Willo and they’re super responsive and really helpful with things when we need it.”